Movin’ On Up

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Photo from one of my favorites, Rifle Paper Co.

Photo from one of my favorites, Rifle Paper Co.

The blog has a swanky new address –

I think you’ll like it…


Phoebe Philo

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phoebe philo

She conveys that simple, effortless kind of chic to which I aspire.

“Invisible. That is what Phoebe Philo’s clothes for Céline make you feel. Not romantic, like Valentino. Or dark and edgy, like Saint Laurent. Simply invisible. A woman in a perfectly cut shirt and a pair of pants. And, oh, what a relief! Because we are busy. We work. We wipe our children’s mouths with the backs of our hands as we rush out the door. We don’t have time to consider whether our prints match or our buttons align. To try on different outfits each morning, like so many different personalities. To fuss and preen. That seems silly, somehow weak. Despite Philo’s many best efforts, there is a Céline uniform: large, slouchy trousers; a collarless shirt; flats; a tuxedo jacket — preferably in navy, black or cream. The clothes are quiet and not meant to make a statement. And so you look invisible. Able to be viewed for more than your surface appearance. This is power dressing.

Adding to the Céline mystique is the designer herself. For anyone who follows fashion, it’s impossible to think of the French house without first thinking of Philo. She’s the best advertisement for the brand. A mother of three who quit the top position at Chloé, in part to spend time with her new daughter, then famously refused to relocate her family from London to Paris when she got the Céline job, she has firmly prioritized what matters most. Her intentionally mousy hair and no makeup are the mark of a woman who relies on more than looks to get her way. And she rarely talks to the press, preferring that her collections speak for themselves — which, of course, is its own brilliant marketing tool. But, really, what would she say? That she’s a woman who thinks about women? That she was inspired by these modern times we live in? That’s already abundantly clear. Ultimately, for Philo, it’s about the work. And isn’t that what all of us ever hope to say?”

From the New York Times here.

Keeping Up Appearances

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It seems strange that it took me so long to consider a tool to care for my wool sweaters as they are a somewhat daily uniform during Seattle winters. But just this year on a whim I bought a sweater comb from The Laundress. And now I wonder how I ever got along without it.

photo (25)

Along with my OXO sweater racks and Eucalan wash, this little tool has been a lifesaver and works beautifully to remove all those unsightly little balls keeping my sweaters, scarves and delicate knits in good shape. From the Laundress blog, “pilling is a direct result of wearing. When fibers become loose, they form little balls, which are commonly found on loosely woven woolens, knitted synthetics and blends.”

I just ordered the Sweater Stone which is specifically for heavier wools like outerwear, thick sweaters and even upholstery and blankets.

Check out The Laundress blog for other helpful washing and care info.

Dream Home #2

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Speaking of Jenni Kayne, I was reminded of seeing her AMAZING house a few years back in AD. It is definitely worth revisiting…

kayne exterior

kayne living room

kayne living room 2

kayne kitchen

kayne bedroom

See the whole gorgeous spread here.

For Everyone in Doubt

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THE GAP by Ira Glass

Eat well. Live well. Be well.

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I first learned about Pamela Salzman from Jenni Kayne’s lovely blog, Rip + Tan. She cooks the way I like to cook and I certainly share her philosophy. “Eat as many whole foods as possible, cook as much as possible to control what goes into your food and to impart your loving energy into the food you serve, eat seasonally, shop locally and listen to your body.” You can read more about her here.

I am cooking more and more from her site and her recipes are always easy and delicious. A few favorites…

Thai Coconut Chicken Soup (My new go to chicken soup when anyone in our house in under the weather. Seriously good and full of the magic that is ginger.)

Kale Salad with Citrus Dressing

Mac and Cheese

Almond Butter Millet Blondies

Explore her site, learn from her vast knowledge and spend some happy time in the kitchen.

Kjaer Weis

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kjaer weis

The Kjaer Weis cosmetics line is proof that beautiful design not only matters but it adds greatly to the pleasure one takes is performing a simple, daily ritual -such as putting on makeup. But the real beauty of the Kjaer Weis line, is that it’s not just the packaging that is beautiful. They are incredible products that not only work, they are good for you.

“Kjær Weis is a visionary and forward thinking cosmetics line created by Danish-born, New York-based makeup artist Kirsten Kjær Weis. It’s a brand that recognizes health and beauty equally.” More about Kirsten and the line here.

Each compact comes with your chosen color, and refill pans are available in simple paper cartons that are fully recyclable. Even the refills were designed to be beautiful. The goal was to maintain both sustainability principles and a high standard of design. “The visual and aesthetic parts of daily life are vitally important to me. Consciously or unconsciously, design affects us all,” says Kirsten

The foundation is a dream (especially when applied with the indispensible Beauty Blender sponge). As are the cream blushes. The best face products I’ve ever used. My skin, only better.