Keeping Up Appearances

February 17, 2014 § Leave a comment

It seems strange that it took me so long to consider a tool to care for my wool sweaters as they are a somewhat daily uniform during Seattle winters. But just this year on a whim I bought a sweater comb from The Laundress. And now I wonder how I ever got along without it.

photo (25)

Along with my OXO sweater racks and Eucalan wash, this little tool has been a lifesaver and works beautifully to remove all those unsightly little balls keeping my sweaters, scarves and delicate knits in good shape. From the Laundress blog, “pilling is a direct result of wearing. When fibers become loose, they form little balls, which are commonly found on loosely woven woolens, knitted synthetics and blends.”

I just ordered the Sweater Stone which is specifically for heavier wools like outerwear, thick sweaters and even upholstery and blankets.

Check out The Laundress blog for other helpful washing and care info.


Dream Home #2

February 13, 2014 § Leave a comment

Speaking of Jenni Kayne, I was reminded of seeing her AMAZING house a few years back in AD. It is definitely worth revisiting…

kayne exterior

kayne living room

kayne living room 2

kayne kitchen

kayne bedroom

See the whole gorgeous spread here.

Own Less, Live More

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“The idea was simple. They would create a home that was big enough for the two of them, but small enough so that it would be easy to maintain, environmentally responsible and inexpensive to operate. And that would allow them to free up their time and funds for intellectual and recreational pursuits. Own less, live more: It sounds like a platitude, but it became their strategy.”

Inspiration on living with less and the personal freedom it affords you. Read the article here.

Playing Host, Holiday Edition

December 14, 2013 § Leave a comment

I’ve long followed Remodelista, a “sourcebook for considered living” and I love their tips for being a good host during the holidays. Two of my favorites:

1. Declutter, declutter, declutter. Reining in chaos around the house is never a bad idea. Before your guests arrive, vanquish piles of clutter: if it’s useful or beautiful, keep; otherwise, toss. You and your visitors will be more comfortable.


10. Allow plenty of time for holiday decompression. Remember that a good host allows space for the guests to do as they please. For your visitors, as well as for yourself, take time this holiday to simply relax, restore, and renew.

You can read all ten here.

They also have a beautiful new book.

remodelista book

Dream Home

November 23, 2013 § Leave a comment

Kelly Klein living room

Kelly Klein living room 2

Kelly Klein kitchen

My Dream home. Simple, warm, comfortable and beautiful.

Linnea’s Lights

November 13, 2013 § Leave a comment

linneas lighs vanilla noir

An intoxicating twist on basic vanilla.

Also available locally in Seattle here.

The Glow

September 18, 2013 § Leave a comment


I’ve been a long time admirer of The Glow. It is such a beautiful site. I especially love the current feature on Molly Guy and her thoughts on motherhood and style.

“When it comes to being a mother, don’t listen to anyone. Absolutely no one. Ignore all of it: the breastfeeding tips, the sleep-training dogma, the attachment parenting books, the wooden toys credo, food allergies hysteria, EVERYTHING. Being a mom is about developing your own style, just like anything else. Your kid is going to be complicated and tormented and amazing just like every other human being that walks this earth no matter what, so trust your instincts and drown out the noise. The only person who knows what your child needs is you.”


“Since becoming a mom, I’ve really paired things down in terms of my style. I try to keep it as simple as possible. Only the basics: good jeans, good tees, a few great sweaters, a few pairs of boots. I have my ring and my bag and that’s it for accessories. Same sort of deal with interiors: invest in a good mattress, a solid neutral couch, a strong wood kitchen table. Then add little touches here and there with throws, blankets and rugs.”

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