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I first learned about Pamela Salzman from Jenni Kayne’s lovely blog, Rip + Tan. She cooks the way I like to cook and I certainly share her philosophy. “Eat as many whole foods as possible, cook as much as possible to control what goes into your food and to impart your loving energy into the food you serve, eat seasonally, shop locally and listen to your body.” You can read more about her here.

I am cooking more and more from her site and her recipes are always easy and delicious. A few favorites…

Thai Coconut Chicken Soup (My new go to chicken soup when anyone in our house in under the weather. Seriously good and full of the magic that is ginger.)

Kale Salad with Citrus Dressing

Mac and Cheese

Almond Butter Millet Blondies

Explore her site, learn from her vast knowledge and spend some happy time in the kitchen.


Bon Appetit – Better Than Ever

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Thanks to Adam Rapoport who took over the helm of Bon Appetit three years ago, BA just keeps getting better and better.

adam rapoport

I certainly share his philosophy:

“In both food and fashion, he said, “you can be pretentious over the top, or you can be interested and entertained in a way that improves your quality of life,” he said. “I’m definitely of the school that believes that a nice dinner with your wife on a Tuesday night can make your day.”


In this month’s issue the focus is on “The New Healthy” which he so spot on describes:

“When we decided to make this special issue, we didn’t suddenly start counting calories, checking our cholesterol, or monitoring our sodium intake. Instead, our mission was simple. Let’s write about how we, as a staff, cook.

Maybe it’s because most of us are hovering around 40 and have small kids–or maybe it’s just a sign of our increasingly farm-to-table, everything-organic times–but we’re all eating far better than we did a decade ago. More whole grains, less white flour; more leafy hardy greens; more heritage-breed pork instead of that plastic-wrapped supermarket stuff; more pristine, sustainable fish. And when we build our meals around these ingredients, we don’t think “health,” we think “delicious.” The following pages celebrate what great cooking has always been about: the best possible ingredients, prepared smartly and consumed with at least a modicum of restraint. Listen, we’re not monks-we do allow ourselves to indulge and break stride when the occasion arises. But day in and day out, this is how we eat now. And we’ve never felt better.”

Find recipes from the new issue here. And for more of Rapoport’s commentary and humor, read his Letter From The Editor.

Whole Grain Mornings

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photo from Megan's blog

photo from Megan’s blog

I just picked up a new favorite cookbook that came out this week, Whole Grain Mornings. Megan Gordon is a fellow Seattleite and the creator of Marge Granola, which is pretty amazing stuff. Check out her lovely blog, A Sweet Spoonful.

I read through it tonight wanting to mark a few recipes to try in the next few days. I ended up marking 23. It’s the kind of simple, nourishing and delicious food I am always in the mood for. Definitely check it out and in the meantime, go to Megan’s blog and make her Blueberry Cornmeal Custard.

From my holiday wishlist…

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A few things I am coveting this holiday season…

heath seasonal mug set

These beautiful mugs from Heath.

David Mellor flatware

Also available from Heath. “Pleasant and practical in stainless steel with resin handles and brass rivets. David Mellor Design operates on the simple principle that well-designed equipment can improve your life.” Enough said.

le creuset french oven

The forever useful Le Creuset French oven. The cookware you will pass down to your grandchildren.

Ripe Nigel Slater

The companion to Nigel Slater’s Tender.

Maya Brenner D necklace

Simple and special from Maya Brenner.

Clare Vivier Sac Bretelle

And this beauty from Clare Vivier. In the black pelli. LOVE.

My New Roots and a Lentil Salad

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sarah britton my new roots

I recently rediscovered Sarah Britton and her gorgeous site My New Roots. Every recipe of hers that I have made is always incredibly delicious, particularly the aptly named Best Lentil Salad, Ever.


It is my go to potluck dish where no less than half the guests end up asking me for the recipe. Do yourself a favor and make this one and explore the rest of her site.

The Kitchen Heavyweight – Caring for Cast Iron

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cast iron

For a good reminder on how to care for your cast iron pan, watch Amanda’s quick video on seasoning your cast iron pan, and cleaning it as well.

And if you’ve never checked out Food52 before, devote some time to peruse the site. The recipes and tips are always great and check out the new Provisions section. I’ve been eyeing this Maple Syrup which would make the perfect holiday hostess gift!

Marcella Hazan

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Marcella Hazan

Her infamous tomato sauce with onion and butter is a staple in our house and worth having in your repertoire.

She passed away last month and The New York Times wrote a beautiful obituary here. If it isn’t already in your collection, add her iconic cookbook to your wishlist.

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