Kjaer Weis

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kjaer weis

The Kjaer Weis cosmetics line is proof that beautiful design not only matters but it adds greatly to the pleasure one takes is performing a simple, daily ritual -such as putting on makeup. But the real beauty of the Kjaer Weis line, is that it’s not just the packaging that is beautiful. They are incredible products that not only work, they are good for you.

“Kjær Weis is a visionary and forward thinking cosmetics line created by Danish-born, New York-based makeup artist Kirsten Kjær Weis. It’s a brand that recognizes health and beauty equally.” More about Kirsten and the line here.

Each compact comes with your chosen color, and refill pans are available in simple paper cartons that are fully recyclable. Even the refills were designed to be beautiful. The goal was to maintain both sustainability principles and a high standard of design. “The visual and aesthetic parts of daily life are vitally important to me. Consciously or unconsciously, design affects us all,” says Kirsten

The foundation is a dream (especially when applied with the indispensible Beauty Blender sponge). As are the cream blushes. The best face products I’ve ever used. My skin, only better.


The soap that is a game changer

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I know it is just soap. But this soap makes a pretty amazing first and lasting impression.

Molton Brown White Mulberry Hand Wash

I first starting using it at home a few years ago and whenever guests would come over they would inevitably come out of the bathroom smelling their hands over and over and gushing over how amazing the smell was. It has the same effect on my clients at the studio. It makes a beautiful hostess gift and though a bit of a splurge, it lasts forever and makes washing your hands a joy.

A few other lovely options (more economical and both “green”) that I love to use in the kitchen…

Mrs. Meyers Rhubarb Hand Soap

The Honest Company Hand Soap

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